About us


Sweet goodness minus the sugar 


Our story started with an Apple Watch and ended up becoming the brain child of two friends who wanted to find a way to satisfy their sweet tooth and deal with some of their own intolerances whilst creating a healthier alternative. Upon discovering that nothing really fit the bill, Sauber Treats was born.

Kickstarted by a health and fitness challenge they were both doing through their gym, they found that there were many natural sugar and vegan options available, but on reading the nutrition panels, discovered they were all still very high in calories, carbohydrates, sugars and fats. These would have completely derailed their plans so in search of an option, they hit the kitchen and got baking.

At first these treats were created for their own consumption, but as more and more alternatives were created and family and friends started to taste them and were asking for recipes, they realised that there was a possibility to share these outside of their own small circle.

Months of testing and tasting followed, rewriting recipes over and over again to ensure they were the perfect balance of great taste and low calories and sugar, attractive and stable to the touch.  

Since hitting the market, many of our customers have been surprised to find out how low the sugar and calorie content actually are and by how moist and delicious our cakes, muffins and treats actually are.

All of our treats contain less than 3 grams of sugar per serve. This is barely half a teaspoon of sugar per treat and well below the majority of commercial healthy treat options currently available. Every treat is below 140 kcal (586kj), with most below 80kcal (335kj) per serve.

In true Sauber form, it was a Pilates class that lead to the introduction of our now in-house nutritionist. It was the missing piece to the puzzle as we wanted to make sure all our treats were nutritionally as good as we suspected. 

Our hope with Sauber Treats, is not only offer a healthier alternative, but also to educate our consumers about the different sweetening options available, the difference between refined and natural sugars and a simple understanding of what we are fuelling our bodies with.

Here at Sauber treats we believe you can have your cake and eat it too - the ‘Sauber’ way.