Our Team


Jo Blankfield


Jo has always loved to cook and bake, taking over the school birthday cake from the age of 10 and always being the first to offer to host a big group dinner or a more intimate affair. Originally trained as an opera singer and with half a law degree under her belt, Jo fell into fashion styling at the age of 17 and eventually realised it this was where her passions lay. In her early 20’s, Jo suffered from life changing panic attacks and anxiety which forced her to reassess her life and priorities. A part of this was introducing more fitness into her life and starting an awareness into eating well.

Fast forward 10 years, Jo was running a thriving fashion business, had become a speaker for Beyond Blue, sharing her story and had really embraced health and fitness doing functional HIIT training, reformer pilates and flying trapeze and was making big adjustments to be more aware of what she was eating. Finally, despite vowing to never work in food, Jo’s passion for food inevitably lead to the inception of Sauber Treats, realising that her own selfish want for healthy sweet treats could actually be shared with those that had the same sweet tooth but wanted to generally eat well.


Sheridan Hauser


Health and wellness may as well be Sheridan’s middle name. As a qualified nutritionist, personal trainer, reformer pilates instructor and massive foodie, it’s safe to say Sheridan knows a thing or two when it comes to the health industry.  

Like most, what led Sheridan down this path was her own desire to learn more about how the foods we put into our body along with how we move impacts our health, and ultimately our life. From this she has continued to grow within this field with the hope that sharing her journey will inspire others to take control of their health.

Sheridan shares a passion for cooking and tries to keep healthy food enjoyable. All of this and more made Sheridan a match made in heaven for Sauber Treats!

Sana Gelic


With family businesses in the hospitality industry, food runs in Sana’s blood. She’s even married to a chef. She cannot escape food. Sana’s background, however, is in law, and like many everyday people, the long days at the desk caught up with her and she realised she needed to change her life. At the age of 28, cholesterol issues were on the horizon and she was not healthy.

She turned to fitness. Adopting a love for functional high intensity interval training, and through meal and fitness challenges and adopting lifelong lifestyle changes, Sana has managed to lose over 15kgs and keep it off. She is now strong fit and happy, working on a business that allows her to share with others all the valuable lessons she has learnt on her own fitness journey.