8 Week Challenge Pack

8 Week Challenge Pack



Did you know that Sauber Treats started from our desire to enjoy healthy, low sugar treats during our first F45 8 Week Challenge?

This has inspired us to offer our customers a Sauber Treats 8 Week Challenge Pack to help you reach your results without feeling like you’re missing out.

Each week we will supply you with 6 treats that reflect and support the phases of the challenge meal plan.

WEEK 1-2
You will receive cakes and muffins that are high in fibre, low in sugar and proportionally lower in fat and carbs to assist with the detox and cleansing phase of the challenge. Specifically, our treats will not only hit the spot, but help your digestion as your system cleanses and regenerates.

WEEK 3-6
Throughout the muscle building stage, we will supply you with an array of treats that will help you through the sugar cravings, and support your protein intake. They will be selected to suit the weekly plans to ensure your consumption of macros stay within the daily average recommended in the challenge.

WEEK 7-8
We save some of the best till last for the shock of the home stretch as your body shreds to reveal the hard work you’ve been doing. Our Keto friendly treats will satisfy those sugar cravings without spiking your blood glucose and insulin levels and are also low in calories unlike most keto treats available.

Please confirm orders by Friday prior to challenge commencement to guarantee a timely delivery for week 1.

Please note: treats included in your packs may differ from images.
Orders are non-refundable and subject to availability. 

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