What Our Customers say

I have absolutely loved Sauber Treats, to keep my sweet cravings at bay, throughout the course of the F45 8 week challenge. The treats are fresh, delicious and guilt free... although I did have to stop myself from having the whole pack in one go. Highly Recommend.
— Georgia, F45 studio manager and personal trainer
Excellent flavours of treats to choose from! Can’t go without my favourite carrot cake and the iced vanilla cupcake! Always a hit for functions and just a mid-week treat.
— Gaetana, suffers from Auto immune disease and needs to keep sugar consumption low
Absolutely love the variety of treats to choose from! Each one full of delicious flavour and fit in perfectly with my calorie count! Amazing quality and team members to order from! Definitly can’t make an order without my macadamia nut blondie and peanut butter muffin.
— Alessandra, Beautician, lost 20kgs on her way to a healthy life
I’m happy to say that Sauber Treats were instrumental in helping feel better and further improving my strength and weight loss. Not only we’re they tasty, they provided enough nourishment to keep me going through the day, now I can’t imagine going through the week without them.
— Greg, recruitment director and F45 member
Affordable price range and great quality of ingredients. Full of flavour with great taste. Vegan options are great as well as they hold a low calorie and sugar content making it easy for me to keep the sugar cravings at bay and keeping with my lifestyle.
— Vanessa, Pescatarian and natural medicine student